sorenson family - preview

got to head out today with the sorenson family!  we had a great vintage-feel shoot with them!  thanks for a great day y'all!


Tammy - Senior Photos

These really turned out gorgeous, if i didn't know any better this girl could have a future in modeling!!! 


Rugby Game in Eagle, Idaho

Went out to watch my adopted nephew play Rugby.  He did a great job and is a real asset to his team!  Here's a few of the shots that I got.

Penitent Past

Went up to the Idaho State Penitentiary to take some pictures and look around. It was an eery and intriguing experience.  I'll definitely be heading back there to take more pictures!  This is the link to my smugmug account where you can see more of the pictures. 

amazing spring photo walk

i love photo walks!  you get in the mindset that you're going to take as many pictures as possible and you go for broke!  here's a little sampling of what i did today!


Stock Photo Work

I've been thinking that I need to start working on some stock photo work in order to make a little more money on the side.  So i'm going to start taking pictures of everyday items and things and loading them up to stock photo websites.  I submited these for the getty image society via flickr.

Tammy - Senior Photos Preview

Meridian Senior, Tammy took some really great shots! We had a ton of fun...

i love rayne in the morning

my sweet rayne is so precious. i love her and love to take pictures of her.  if you'd like to remember your best friend let's get a portrait shoot with you and that four-legged creature!


C'est Magnifique...

We all wish that our skin was just little smoother, that we didn't have that zit and that things were just right.  Sometimes when you're out and about you smudge your make-up or there is just that one stray hair that won't cooperate. Sometimes the lighting isn't just right and you really want your picture to pop...  well here's what I can do.


Little Jackson

just finished little jackson's pictures.  he really is a doll and the pictures just turned out great!  enjoy...