youth events...

this past weekend i worked at a youth event and really enjoyed the time that i got to spend with the kids.  it was a fun filled adventure! i also had a little dead time to get in some pictures just for me.



bath time

the weather was ugly this weekend.  and plans for the photoshoot didn't work out so, we took it inside and had some bath time fun!




Mothers Day Contest

Win a free ($50 value) photoshoot with you and your mom.
how to play
1. like this page  facebook.com/nathanaelphotography
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3. shoot me an email @ www.nathanaelphotography.com and tell me why you and your mom deserve this!!!
 Happy mother's day to all!!!

raindrops keep fallin on my head!

here's to april showers and may flowers!


pretty girl

i love rayne!

happy birthday puppies!

three years ago Rayne brought her first, and only litter into being. 

this weekend Rendi, one of her pups came to stay for the weekend.  he used to be my boy. he still is but lives with another family.  i love this guys very much.

while they were here i took the opportunity to take some pictures. 


i looked out the window...

and what did i see?

a beautiful carpet of petals littered across the complex.  it was amazing. i had to capture this fleeting moment.


rusty crusty...

added a new gallery to my smug mug.
go check out the collection of things that make me smile, the old and crusty, dusty and rusty

spring flowers

there is nothing greater than beautiful spring flowers.  i love it when the trees blossom and the skyline fills with color and the sweet pleasant perfume of the season.



engagement photos & wedding announcement

here are some ideas... other than a backyard wedding and reception there isn't a theme.  umbrella's could be SUPER CUTE!  and easy and cheap!!!!