about nathanäel

time is a fleeting element in the lives of all human kind. we attempt to slow it or capture time in a bottle that we call art, photography, pictures, images.  i'm doing my best to capture the world that i see and share with those around me. 

i don't claim to be the next ansel adams or anyone greater i just try to do my best and work and find art in the everyday and the exceptional.

Nathan was born & raised in Southern California where he attended the Hemet Arts Academy at Hemet High School. He has actively been involved in the creative process from a very young age and has developed a keen eye for the beauty of all things great and small. His work began in landscape and macro photography and soon developed into print work, event planning, floral design and professional performing arts. Nathan's talent is diverse and recognized by Utah Style Magazine, the Sundance Institute and most recently was feature in Airman Magazine as well as on the websites of the MHAFB Youth Center and the Idaho Drug Free Youth