All collections will include on-demand printing rights via smugmug, a thumbnail gallery for print ordering. All prices include editing, selection, and uploading to a password secured website at no additional charge. 

portrait collection
Up to 3 people - each additional person add $20, studio shoot $150 additional fee or rental fee as applicable, additional location/time is purchased at a rate of $50/hour.
               a special package 
               5 artfully perfected images close-up headshots, perfect for a professional, or yearbook
$   75
               an exceptional value
               30 minutes, 10 masterfully edited digital images, I location of your choice            
$ 100
               the ideal collection
               1 hour, 15 digitally enhanced images, 2 locations of your choice                            
$ 150
               the premier collection                                                                                                                                                                     
               2 hours, 25 perfectly publishable digital images, up to 4 locations of your choice                                       
$ 250

Each finely edited image requires specialized tools, programming, and that artistic touch to make you look your best. If you would like more images they can be purchased in groups of 5
$   75
rush package (48 hour turn around)
$   50

Your collection can be forever immortalized on a publishing quality CD that includes
-three digital sizes of each image (approximately 5x7, 8x10, 16x20)
-a professional plug-&-play slide show with your choice or music
-ownership of included images
$ 100

infants & children
My mother always told me, “You kids grow up so fast.” To forever remember your precious little ones this collection is priceless.
               -For children 8 years and younger, up to three children each additional child is $20
               1 hour, 25 images, 2 locations
$ 250

Maternity & Newborn
               Up to 3 hours, 30 images, location or at-home
                            Newborns 1-4 weeks, 30-36 weeks pregnant

Events & Special Occasions            
Family Gatherings, Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties, Baptism, Christening, and so much more are events that we long to cherish, capture those memories
Up to 2 hours, 25 images, up to 25 people                                                                                                                                                  
from $ 300

Weddings, Corporate, Government, and Non-Profit Events                                 
               Up to 3 hours, 100 images, contracts negotiable
from $ 450
               Day rate  (6 hours)  
from $ 800